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Introductory offer. Let us SHOW YOU what we can do with your songs! Sign up now and we will waive the one-time setup fee! $65 even Includes all Premium services listed on this site and your 1st activity report!

Offer valid until 2-28--2023! Interested? E-mail us and we will invoice you!


The cost of our Basic Pro Pitch-Only Service is only $65 per month for us to continually market one to three of your songs to major label and independent record label opportunities.

The songs in your account will be pitched by our song marketing experts several times per month, typically 7 to 12 pitches per month.

Quality recordings are considered for potential radio airplay promotion.

Basic includes an activity report every two months. There is a small one-time setup fee the first month.

1st month of Basic Pro Pitch $70 plus $15 setup fee

Prefer to pay for Song Rocket Basic Pro Pitch for one year in advance at a 10% discount? And sign up for one year before 2-28-23 and get 1 extra month free!

1 Year in advance song rocket Basic Pitch 10% off plus 1 month free

Prefer us to invoice you? e-mail us: SongRocket

Song Rocket Premium

1st month Song Rocket Premium Package, Up to 10 Songs:

A Premium membership for one to ten songs is available for $125/month. There is a small one-time setup fee the first month.

SET UP FEE WAIVED if you sign up on or before 2-28-23!

Premium includes the same major label/ indie pitch service and airplay for masters that are included in Basic plus full service placement in every possible vehicle as listed on our Home page. Sound libraries, sync rights, radio airplay, etc.

Premium membership includes a complete activity report every four to six weeks.

1st month of Song Rocket Premium service up to 10 songs:

1st Month Song Rocket Premium +_One Time setup Fee $125 + $35

Prefer to pay for Song Rocket Premium one year in advance at the 10% discount, plus get 1 extra month free if you do so before 2-28-23

1 Year Premium Song Rocket

Prefer us to invoice you? e-mail us: SongRocket

Song Rocket Gold Pro

Gold Pro Membership is $275 per month. There is a one time account setup fee. The number of songs permitted in your Song Rocket catalog is unlimited.. All Premium services are included plus Contract Negotiation.

Premium includes monthly activity reports.

You may pay in advance for a one year period for a 10% discount. You may change your level of membership with no setup fee once per year on any billing cycle and you may stop (cancel) the service at any time by simply not paying when billed.

Once you purchase the initial period, within 36 hours of signup, we will create your account and send an easy to use "drag & drop" upload link for you to upload your songs.

Song Rocket Pro Gold includes Monthly Activity Reports:

1st Month Song Rocket Pro Gold $275 plus $35 one time setup fee

 Recent Successes:

Contract signed: December of 2022: "|I received an email from Joel, he has received everything he needs and the song is going over to licensing.. thanks so much for your help!"- Jack Teale

Congrats to Song Rocket client, Mike Bloomer! We successfully pitched his song Buried Gold to independent country artist, Deb Anthony..."I’m confirming that I’ll be recording Buried Gold the week of October 22, with the projected release date of mid-January.

Please send the mechanical license info.

I just debuted the song last night ... phenomenal response. I love it!"


Congrats to Song Rocket client, Greg Smith! We successfully pitched his song Wrapped You Up In Love to a major Nashville-based music publishing firm who is interested in licensing the song and recording.

"Wrap you up in love…send me lyrics and instrumental without vocals as mp3…need writers info/PRO need name of singer and whether or not you control the master.."- the publisher's response to our pitch

And.... "Hello Samantha, just want to let you know that The Darrin Morris Band has released "Wrap You Up In Love" on all Radio, and Social media platforms. I'm so excited it is making a big impact already. Hope you guys get me another artist to do more of my songs. Thanks! Greg Smith"

12-30-22 Congrats to ALL our clients who had songs placed due to Song Rocket pitches this past year! Eight clients just in the past few months!

2-2-23  Six more songs (by six different clients) have been offered contracts since the first of the year, including several just this week!

One Time Pitch Opportunities:

Oak Ridge Boys: This iconic vocal group- the hardest working touring band in Nashville- is looking for songs for their upcoming project. Allow 24 hours after payment for us to send you a link to upload your mp3 and lyric sheet to our song pitcher.

Click for reference video of The Oak Ridge Boys

1 Pitch to producer of Runaway June

Pitch 3 songs to a group of 5 publishing companies currently seeking material. Allow 24 hours after payment for us to send you a link to upload yourmp3 and lyric sheet to our song pitcher.

5 songs pitched to 5 publishers

Pitch 3 of your songs to 3 Christian publishing companies currently seeking material. Allow 24 hours after payment for us to send you a link to upload yourmp3 and lyric sheet to our song pitcher.

3 songs pitched to 3 Christian publishers

Recent Rocket Blast Offs:

We work your songs! During the 4th quarter pitch period:

  • Listen Again Music (BMI) places two unpublished Michael Jackson penned songs with Song Rocket for promotion. Songs are now being chosen to partner with them on an upcoming project.

  • 2 clients songs placed on hold by ASCAP and BMI publishing companies

  • Several of our client's songs selected as music being used in documentary videos

  • Song Rocket obtains radio airplay for multiple clients.

  • 4 client songs chosen for projects intended for Music Bank, a film/tv/loops/original music library

The cream rises, always! If you have good songs that aren't being promoted properly or not getting their proper respect from the music industry...

... why not toss YOUR, your SONGS into the ring?



What Are Sync Rights?

Synchronization or “sync” royalties are up-front fees paid by licensees to the owners of both the musical composition and sound recording copyrights.

One vehicle, Musicbed is a website with a monthly traffic average of between 1.5-2 million visits a month. They issue about 10,000 sync licenses every month. Top brands like Apple, Hulu, Wayfair. Facebook, Amazon, BMW and GE rely on MusicBed tracks for their marketing campaigns.

MusicBed is one of many sync rights places we will review your catalog for,

Prefer to pay for Song Rocket Pro Gold one year in advance at the discount

rate plus get 1 extra month free if you move on this before 2-28-23

One Year Song Rocket Gold Pro
* ​Song Rocket makes every effort to pitch songs to legitimate opportunities and screen out any that are not., however, we can not guarantee the intentions of 3rd parties such as publishers, artists, record labels, and other organizations are in a client's best interest. It is best to have an entertainment lawyer review any contract presented. Song Rocket reserves the right to reject any client's song material deemed unfit for pitching for any reason and without a detailed explanation. In these cases any monies paid will be refunded. We guarantee to pitch client songs to what we believe are suitable opportunities but can not guarantee favorable results as the decisions to use a song for a particular project is beyond our control. Songwriting as a business endeavor is competitive, while quick and frequent success is possible, it should not be expected. Pitch dates in Song Activity Reports are accurate in regards to the date a Song Rocket pitch person decides to initiate the pitch of that specific song to a specific target. The date the pitch is consummated may vary by up to several we