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You pay an account setup fee for the level of service you need plus the first month of service, then only the monthly fee.There's no contract and no penalty if you decide to terminate service, stop at any time.

Then, depending on your level of service, Basic, Premium or Gold, WE:

  • Review your catalog and match your songs to requests from independent and major label music producers, artists, record company A&R, game developers, film producers, etc. worldwide.

  • Your song catalog is reviewed regularly and pitched to potentially lucrative but lesser known secondary markets your song(s) are a good potential fit for such as music libraries.

  • We guarantee to pitch songs in your catalog to at least three contact opportunities per 30 day period. We regularly exceed that minimum for the majority of our clients.

  • We also will promote your songs via broadcast and internet radio stations as well as create content in house and post your songs on YouTube, Amazon, HMV, Tunecore, GodTube and other Internet based sites with links for artists. record company A & R and music publishers who wish to sign or record them.

  • When possible and prudent, we monetize those postings by partnering projects with advertisers to increase your royalty opportunities.

  • We create physical and/or electronic product and place the product where sales of downloads and physical product can create a royalty stream for you. For example, we may place your song on a CD and put it for sale on, CD Baby and other sites.Or we may create a documentary DVD on a popular subject, using your song(s) in the music score and place the DVD up for sale on various web sites. In short:

WE steadily promote YOUR SONGS with the goal of earning royalties!


  • You receive a monthly Song Activity Report detailing any and all activity relating to your song(s) such as placement, airplay, mechanical sales, royalties, pitch details, etc.

  • If your song catalog has earned airplay or mechanical royalties payable through Song Rocket, you receive a check monthly.*

Our job is to keep your song catalog active with the primary goal goal of earning money for you!

We know from experience songs can only do that if they are being worked continually, and being heard! Not every opportunity is a major label recording or a Billboard hit. We certainly pitch your songs for those, but as long as your songs are out there getting exposed, small potatoes often grow to become big potatoes.

Does THIS sound like the song marketing opportunity you've been seeking?

Does it MAKE SENSE to you that your songs will never do anything sitting in a drawer or in a back folder on your computer?

Do you BELIEVE IN YOUR SONGS enough to risk less money than many people waste on lottery tickets every month to definitely see your songs move forward month-by-month and have a real shot at seeing your songs earn royalties?

Then hurry, our business is designed to support a limited number of clients with a finite number of spots left, what are you waiting for ?

* Not all royalties are payable from Song Rocket. Some are payable directly to the songwriter from a record label, YouTube or from a performing rights organization such as BMI.

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Introductory offer. Let us SHOW YOU what we can do with your songs! Sign up before the New Year and we will waive the one-time setup fee! Includes all Premium services listed on this site and your 1st activity report for $65 even!

Offer valid until 12-28-22! Interested? E-mail us and we will invoice you!

A Small Sample of Current Song Rocket Marketing Opportunities and successes:

  • Major Label artist with 2 Billboard #1 hits seeking uptempo, rock edged country.

  • Songs needed to pitch to Tim McGraw, /Byron Gallimore producing for Sony, Nashville.

  • Need songs to pitch to Christian publishers S.M.E. and On Holy Ground Music (ASCAP)

  • In-house Project: We need nine additional pop songs to partner with an unpublished song by Michael Jackson on an album to be released on Amazon Advantage, CD Baby, iTunes, etc, possibly with accompanying video..
  • So far in 2022 eight of our clients had song signed. Several clients had multiple song offers and songs signed.

  • Three of our clients- Corinne McNight, Mike Bloomer, and Dallas Marshall- have had songs placed in a project by D & D films.

  • Contemporary Christian songs needed. 1 current independent and 2 Christian label opportunities.

  • Song Rocket's Samantha Banks is choosing 8 of our Premium and Gold client songs for re-recording as instrumentals on a CD album to be placed for sale in a major song library site. All sales proceeds received are passed through to to the clients.

  • Lady Antebellum/looking for songs. for their upcoming album on UMG..

  • Independent documentary film producer is seeking 1 slow tempo, 1 medium tempo blues tune and 2 uptempo pop tunes.

    Blake Shelton of The Voice, a top country artist with numerous hits seeking material. We have access via both his inside camp and his record label, Warner Brothers. Need songs NOW!

Stop Dreaming! Stop beating your head against the marketing rock! Let the pros at Song Rocket handle your music marketing and let us show you what we can do for your songs!

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